Integral courage: whatever the domain, whatever the danger, the attitude remains the same—calm and assured.

The Mother (CWM, 14: 169)

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Sri Aurobindo and the Mother strongly emphasise on courage as one of the most important qualities to be cultivated by an aspirant on the path of yoga of transformation – both on the individual and the collective levels. The present issue is our humble attempt at exploring 'Courage', eighth soul-quality in the Mother’s Twelve Qualities, through several different viewpoints, to present an integral picture. READ MORE HERE.
We feature powerful commentaries of the Mother on two aphorisms of Sri Aurobindo in which she emphasises the necessity of getting rid of fear, distrust, despair and face all challenges in life with courage and strength if we aspire to walk the path of sadhana. READ MORE HERE.
In an essay titled 'Kurukshetra' in his 'Essays on the Gita' Sri Aurobindo helps us consider closely the situation from which the Bhagavad Gita arises, "in its largest bearings as a type of human life and even of all world-existence." A few excerpts from the essay are highlighted in the issue . READ MORE HERE.
Sri Aurobindo gives us a comprehensive and deeper understanding of the principal reasons why the mighty India could be easily conquered by the British. These selections are from one of his Bengali writings published in ' Dharma', No. 6, September, 1909. READ MORE HERE.
Upcoming Special Lecture on the Courage Theme:
Veera Rasa in Sri Aurobindo's Savitri

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