“The only true 'good' is the will of the Supreme Lord.

The Mother (CWM, 16: 283)

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We feature here a few passages from various volumes of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother. These words remind us that winning victories over the weaknesses in our nature and constantly aspiring for truth, harmony and universal goodwill are the best ways to help others and do good for the world. Some explanation by the Mother on the difference between spirituality and morality helps us gain the right framework to understand the quality of 'goodness.' READ MORE HERE.
April is a special month. On April 4 in 1910, Sri Aurobindo arrived in Pondicherry, his “cave of tapasya”. And in 1920 on April 24th, the Mother arrived in Pondicherry to be always with Sri Aurobindo and collaborate in the Supramental Yoga. Their work was to bring down a new consciousness on the earth, which is the key to unlocking the evolutionary crisis facing humanity. READ MORE HERE.
We often confuse or misinterpret the 'good' by limiting our understanding to a moral-ethical view of 'good' and 'bad', right and wrong. Sri Aurobindo wrote several letters explaining the core difference with between morality and spiritual sadhana.  READ A FEW OF THESE LETTERS HERE.
A few commentaries of the Mother on selected verses from the Dhammapada are presented here. She explains the true meaning of goodness, need to stay vigilant over one's feelings and thoughts and how one may be happy by having no sense of possession. READ MORE HERE.
Presented here is a short essay by Sri Aurobindo in which he explains that "God must be beyond limitation by our ideas of good, otherwise the universe such as it is could not exist whether as the partly manifested being of a divine Existence or a thing created or permitted by a divine Will." READ MORE HERE.
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