“Nothing can be compared to the peace that comes from a total trust in the Grace.

The Mother (CWM, 14: 93)
Since August 2021, every month we have been exploring each of the twelve attributes that the Mother says are essential for full manifestation of Her Work. We have now come to Peace. Like the previous eleven issues, here also we explore the soul-quality of Peace in its various dimensions -- inner and outer, individual and collective. READ MORE HERE.
We feature a few letters of Sri Aurobindo in which he speaks of Peace as the first foundation of yogic status. He also explains that to arrive at an established peace in all parts of the being takes a long time, but we must sincerely aspire for it. READ MORE HERE.
Happy News for All Instagram Users
We feature two conversations of the Mother where she speaks of the significance of peace for a conscious sleep and how to establish a settled peace in mind. READ MORE HERE.
The author writes that peace can be built securely only by means of culture, and culture for peace implies a new orientation of human consciousness; it implies eventually transformation of human consciousness. READ MORE HERE.
A Talk by Dr. Raj Vedam
When the noises outside keep on bringing the note of disunity and division and discord, it is even more important to remind ourselves -- as children of Bharat Mata -- of the deeper cultural and inner unity that has always been there shaping the march of Indian civilisation. CLICK HERE to watch the video.

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Our next issue releases on August 15, with special focus on

Sri Aurobindo, The Eternal Presence.

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