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The Divine Shakti

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Greetings for Vijayadashmi, 2023!

On this auspicious day of Dussehra or Vijayadashami, we release a special issue of Renaissance celebrating Divine Shakti. As the whole world celebrated the festival of Navaratri, the nine nights of the Devi, our invocation of the Divine Shakti took many forms including researching and working on this special issue, facilitating a 4-day intense workshop for children on related theme, and more.

Invoking the Divine Mother who is the Source of all our work as well as the ever-present Force and Guidance behind it all, we invite our readers to browse through this specially curated issue on the theme of Divine Shakti. READ THE EDITORIAL.
In the book  The Synthesis of Yoga Sri Aurobindo describes in great detail the different levels of consciousness through which we understand and experience the working of Shakti or Energy within and around us. For this digital presentation, we have made slight modifications in the formatting, with no change in the text. We presented it in 2 parts. READ PART ONE HERE.
What is the Yoga shakti? What is Yogic mind-force, Yogic life-force and Yogic body-force?
In the Yogic consciousness one is not only aware of things, but of forces, not only of forces, but of the conscious being behind the forces. One is aware of all this not only in oneself but in the universe. There is a force which accompanies the growth of this new consciousness and at once grows with it and helps it to come about and to perfect itself. This force is the Yoga shakti.
The first Lakshmi-puja, like the Durga-puja, took place in the Ashram in 1944. This first Lakshmi-puja was most significant. For this puja too, the Meditation Hall and the staircase were decorated with all kinds of flowers. There was an abundance of  Harmony flowers. All the walls were covered with these lacelike flowers. One couldn’t take one’s eyes off from the two halls. READ HERE.
The Dance of Shiva and Shakti (Narendra Murty)
The author reminds us that long before the advent of Quantum Physics, the sages of Bhārat had declared that behind all the names and forms of this universe is One Energy, whom they called Shakti. READ HERE.
Have you heard of Maitreyee’s swayamvar and her quest? Read all about it in this delightful story, second offering in the series ‘The Upanishads Elucidated‘ by Lopa Mukherjee. This series is written to help readers explore the deep wisdom, truth and beauty of the Upanishads through interesting tales and stories. We published the first story in the last issue (read  HERE). We present this second story in two parts for the ease of virtual reading.
Worship of the Divine Mother in Integral Yoga ( Dr. Beloo Mehra)

On September 26, 2023, Dr. Beloo Mehra, Editor, Renaissance, presented a paper titled 'Worship of the Divine Mother in Integral Yoga' at the International Seminar on Tantric Religion organised by the Department of History at Pondicherry University in association with the Puducherry Regional Center of IGNCA, Indian Council of Historical Research and Indian Council of Philosophical Research (September 25-29, 2023). Listen to the audio recording of the talk below, and see the visuals Dr. Mehra used as part of her presentation.
Invoking Shakti Workshop

The Renaissance Team curated and facilitated a 4-day workshop 'Invoking Shakti: The Divine Feminine in Indian Culture' for children ages 3-19 for The Creative School, Bengaluru. The programme held from October 9 to October 12, 2023 included a range of age-appropriate fun and educational activities for the children, such as chanting, movement-based learning, crafts, storytelling, cultural performances, interactive sessions, concentration games, exhibition on Nari Shakti, film discussions, celebration of Shakti, and more.

More details about the workshop and photos and video gallery are coming soon!



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